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Next GBM Meeting:

04/08. Willard 267. 7:00 P.M.

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Welcome to the Official SRCC Website!

Newcomers, scroll down to learn more about our club and start the steps to join. Regulars, click volunteer for access to the volunteer sign-ups !

Blood Type

What We Do:

What We Do

Blood donations save lives.
Why make it harder than necessary?

PSU SRCC works directly with the American Red Cross to simplify the blood donation process, so our communities can donate and volunteer with ease. Our volunteers work hard to provide the best experience for donors from when they walk in the room to when they leave.


Who We are:

With a team of 9 executives, 40 coordinators, many Red Cross employees, and over 200 members, it can be difficult to remember faces.

These are the faces you'll see most, but the others aren't very far behind.

Using Mobile Phones

How to Join:

1. Join our GroupMe here to stay up to date with us!

2. Email Rishika at to be put on our mailing list for in-depth information about club meetings.

3. Set up a Volunteer Connection profile using this link, and remember to record your hours volunteering at drives and attending meetings!


The date of the next meeting will always be mentioned in GroupMe and through our emails. ---

4. If you have any questions or suggestions, head over to the Contacts page to get in touch with one of our executives!


Head over to this website and enter in your zip code to find a blood drive near you!

We are taking appropriate COVID-19 precautions (wearing gloves, sanitizing, limiting the number of volunteers) in order to ensure that all blood drives are safe both for our volunteers and donors.

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